Beat the Heat & be Cautious


Welcome to the summers! The spring cleaning has begun, the sun is no longer a stranger and we are pretty sure that it’s time to venturing again to beat the heat to keep the body detox in various ways.

It’s the time to maintain the greenery so far which has been created and for some people to venture again in the garden too. Summer is the time for air conditioning and in being in environments where the filters may not be working and the air quality vary from room to room or venue to venue, may be because of this you may be exposed to variety of temperature extremes and additional irritants.

So drink up!

Yes you heard it right, Drink more water. It’s very important in this heat wave to keep your body hydrated. It’s an advice to take more intake of water along with herbal teas such as mint, cinnamon or may be add some lemon or cucumber in it. Just to avoid some dryness and soreness in throat to fend off any hoarseness or scratchiness in voice. The using of herbs is going on since ancient times and it’s always the best remedy to apply in our daily modern lives. Various benefits attached to herbs:

  1. Mint: With a unique aroma, refreshing flavor, cooling sensation and a host of medicinal qualities – from settling the stomach to lifting the spirit and shooting the skin. It is the most versatile plants in herbal kingdom.
  2. Lemon: It’s an excellent antioxidant and a great source of vitamin C.Its an acidic fruit and taste enhancer, helps in maintaining the high temperature suffer sun stroke, nausea and dehydration.
  3. Cucumber: The watery vegetable and is often used to keep the body cool, re-dehydration, flushes out toxins, helps in strong joints and plus mouth care.

We believe in the same theory and planted the same for all our employees at Zenitex, so that they don’t feel dehydrated and keep the health maintained with the ease to beat the waves of sunlight. We want all our workers, employees to be safe and not get the sunstroke as we recently heard many cases of De-hydration has been submitted, so we care for our people and don’t wish them to face the same happening.

 The basics idea behind is to increase the fluids that will help the system to adjust the changes with less irritation in immune and nervous system.

 To keep the body hydrated, we thought of adding herbs in all the pitchers from which we serve water to Zenitex family members. This practice has been followed by us since many months now and we will continue or may be if something can be added we will be happy to incorporate that as well.

If any such, more ideas, we are happy to receive your feedbacks and comments.

Reminder: So get more rest, drink more fluids, use natural supplements that enhance body’s defences. Follow these rules and your body will sing praises at its richest range and fullest potential.

We want all of you to be safe and cautious about the sunstroke and let your bodies be calm and hydrated. So follow some of the simple rules and there you go with a bang. 

Be safe, be Happy, Protect you and Save the Environment.

Thanks & Regards – Team ZENITEX – Hearts@Work

Smiley by Viral Desai CEO,

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