Navratri – Festival of Peace and Prosperity, Wealth and Happiness.

navratriNavratri is the sacred and joyous festival of the Hindu community of India. Observed over a period of nine nights, the festival is famous almost throughout the country for its religious and social importance. It is devoted to the worship of the divine Mother in various forms under different names by different people.

The hindu festival Navratri is dedicated to the worship of Shakti. This festival stretches over nine days or ten days, during which nine forms of Shakti and Devi are worshipped. The beginning of spring and beginning of autumn are two periods which are taken as sacred opportunities for the worship of divine mother. The dates of the festival are determined according to the lunar calendar and vary each year.
Nava means “nine” and “ratri” means night. During the nine-night long festival of Navratri the supreme female cosmic power or Goddess Shakti is worshipped in her variously manifested forms as Durga, Laxmi and Saraswati. Navratri is dedicated to the feminine nature of the divine. Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati are symbols of three dimensions of feminine.
Those who aspire for power and immortality, strength will worship the forms of feminism which can be referred as Kali or Mother Earth. Those who aspire for wealth, passion for life and various other things that the material world has to offer naturally will aspire towards the form of feminism which is referred to as Lakshmi or the Sun. And those who aspire for knowledge, knowing and transcending the limitations of mortal body will aspire for that aspect of feminine which is referred to Saraswati or Moon.
Like any other Hindu festival, Navratri has a spiritual message for its observers. This nine-day festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil and exhorts mankind to wake up from the slumber of ignorance, remove all negativity, purify the mind and cultivate positive virtues. This alone can help one gain the necessary spiritual knowledge to transcend all earthly limitations and achieve salvation – the highest goal of human life.
To approach these nine days, and every other aspect of life in a celebratory way is most important. If you approach everything in a celebratory way, you learn to be non-serious about life but absolutely involved.
We at Zenitex believe women are the most important element in our society, and gradually the society has started recognizing the individual identity of women. The participation of Indian women in freedom struggle is landmarks in history. And today as well women are no less and they are representing their nation and society as the most powerful asset with spreading all the love and inspiration to rest of the world.
Respect and power to women.
We wish you all to reciprocate the similar way to get the positivist and do extremely well in any of the approaches you chose.

May this divine light and festive bring you happiness, peace and prosperity to your home.
Zenitex Family.

Team Zenitex feels blessed to receive such honours. Our CEO Mr. Viral S. Desai dedicates the success to the support provided by our staff and the encouragement and blessings received from our well-wishers, family and friends. We thank you all for standing with us always.

Thanks & Regards – Team ZENITEX – Hearts@Work

Smiley by Viral Desai CEO,

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