Keeping in mind the ‘World Forest Day & World Water Day’ A field trip was organized jointly by BY DR. S. & S. S. GHANDHY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, SURAT and ZENITEX, SURAT.

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This was a unique and first of its kind field visit in India. Wherein, a routine part of the syllabus field trip by college students was amalgamated with Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation initiatives. Zenitex was bustling with 26 young students from Dr. S. & S. S. Ghandhy College of Engineering and Technology. What was supposed to be a regular day, turned in to a delightful experience. 

Since, the trip was organized to coordinate with ‘World Water Day & World Forest Day’, gave us the impetus to add these students on the list of environmental protectionists and nature lovers. The whole activity was designed in such a way that firstly they were taken across the processing plant and along with it they were educated about various techniques implemented by Zenitex for ‘Water Conservation’ and ‘Energy Conservation’. For Water Conservation we have implemented ‘Rain Water Harvesting’; ‘Drip Irrigation’; ‘Water Scrubber’ and ‘ETP’, and various measures and innovations have been implemented to Conserve Energy, like reduction in Carbon Emission, Using recycled water for production, reduction in use of Electricity inside the plant and on campus in general, and tree plantations in support of Environmental Protection and a Greener Future.

To encourage the students, and make them a part of the ‘Go Green” world campaign. A Tree Plantation event was also executed at Zenitex campus.  More than 30 trees were planted, most of them being planted by the students themselves. This inculcated in them the need of Trees and brought them close to Nature and thus they pledged their support for the ‘Go Green’ world campaign and promised that they will themselves be actively involved in such activities and will also encourage their fellow students and friends to be a part of this Green Brigade which will help us ‘Save The Earth’.

We appreciate the devoutness of Dr. S. & S.S. Ghandhy College of Engineering & Technology, its administration and faculty for their genuinely imbibing the core values of education and its duties towards mankind and nature, which was reflected in the positive and optimistic approach of its students. And the interest shown by its management in joining hands with Zenitex & Hearts@work in their Social Responsibility / Community Welfare activities and Tree Plantation – Go Green initiatives and training of its students by signing an MoU, which in itself is an exceptional move. The MoU is expected to be signed by next week, details of which we will share with our readers shortly.

Moreover, it was a pleasure to host such enthusiastic and zealous students. They had questions and curiousness about most of the things on the campus. The students were accompanied by  Shri Rameshbhai G. Patel, H.O.D. Textile Processing Department along with Professor Shri Pavanbhai Panwala. To assist them around the campus, in to the processing unit and for tree plantation, Mr. Bhavik Naik, General Manager – Zenitex, Mr. Mohammed Nasir, PA to Mr. Viral Desai, CEO-Zenitex, Mr. K. C. Sahoo, Chief Engineer – Zenitex and other department heads were with them throughout their visit.

Finally the students met Mr. Viral Desai, CEO-Zenitex, who had a few words of inspiration and wisdom to charge the tempo of the bright students. Mr. Viral Desai, advised them to be humble and true to their duties and responsibilities and put their heart in to everything they do and success will surely follow. In the end he told them that “If you take care of Nature – Nature has its own unique way of giving back in abundance” and hence, appealed to them to take care of Nature and keep on growing more and more trees and to Save Water so that it lasts for us a little longer.

Thanks & Regards – Team ZENITEX

Smiley by Viral Desai CEO, Zenitexwww.zenitex.in

quote by viral desai ceo zenitex - green india clean india

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