viral desai says zenitex in harmony with universe

The universe is a marvellous creation. There is a certain order and harmony about it. It reminds us of an orchestra playing a harmonious melody. This orchestra of the universe has sentient and insentient objects as performers playing their unique instruments. God is the master conductor of this orchestra directing all performers to remain in tune and rhythm with the harmony of the universe.

Besides the elements of nature such as sun, moon, stars, air, fire, water, earth, trees, and sentient beings such as animals, birds and insects, humans are also one performers in the orchestra of the universe, special as the human being has been endowed with free will to play his instrument as he wishes.

Freedom can be a great blessing if employed with discretion but it can also prove to be a curse if abused. Therefore there is the need to instruct or guide the individual to remain in concord with the prevailing harmony.

Krishna says in the Bhagwad Gita that the universe is sustained by yajna. Any selfless action or action imbued with the spirit of reaching out is what is meant by the word yajna. Krishna says it is this spirit of offering or yajna which harmoniously moves the cosmic wheel. The sun offers itself to form clouds, clouds offer themselves to form rain, rains offer themselves to grow food. In this manner, all members of the universe offer themselves at the altar of the macrocosm and thereby help move the cosmic wheel.

The human being is also a cog in the wheel and therefore, he is expected to do his part. He is indebted to each and every member of the universe such as elements, trees, animals, sages, parents, teachers, ancestors, and scientists for what he is today. Krishna says that one who enjoys favours from the universe but does not return those favours, is a thief. By adopting selfish and violent attitude he may profit externally but by rubbing against the order of the universe he winds up with conflicts and turmoil within.

It is therefore becoming for us to return the favour with a sense of gratitude. Everybody is assigned a certain role in life. May that role be performed to the best of one’s ability, not only for a personal gain but for the well-being of the macrocosm. All duties and actions that one has to perform may be looked upon as an opportunity to serve the universe. Thus, when the spirit of offering, of contributing, permeates the life of the individual, he has struck the fine chord of harmony playing in the universe.

The result is that he is at peace with himself. The spirit of offering, the attitude of serving or reaching out is such a catalyst that it purifies his heart of selfishness, greed, aggression, violence, usurpation and other such self-centred tendencies and makes it pure and divine. Purged of these discordant tendencies, he is free from anxieties and conflicts. It is this free mind that experiences happiness. He is no more dependent on external paraphernalia to make him happy.

In a nutshell, selfishness is equal to unhappiness and selflessness and reaching out is equal to happiness and peace. Besides gaining composure, living in harmony with the universe is being one with God for, the vedas reveal that the spirit of offering itself is Vishnu, the immanent. By offering ourselves at the service of the universe let’s merge ourselves in God and fulfill the goal of our life.

The above article (source : Speaking Tree from Times of India 15/02/2015) represents the exact value for which Zenitex stands for, i.e. the philosophy of the Universe and not only do we believe in this, but, we have also implemented the same in our work place and working style. Zenitex has complete faith in the core thought process of this philosophy i.e. whatever you give to the Universe or Nature, it has a Unique way of giving it back to us. And because of these miracles and blessings Zenitex is what it is today. Zenitex has pledged to keep working relentlessly following this theory and be the pioneers in ushering in this new era for the generations to come.

Thanks & Regards – Team ZENITEX

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