Zenitex Salutes, The Braveheart Neerja Bhanot, India’s youngest recipient of Ashoka Chakra (Posthumous), who, saved scores of lives on the ill-fated New York bound Pan Am Flight No. 73.

So has it happened that we have to follow films to get educated about our real life heroes or otherwise their heroics are buried under the sand dunes of time and stay there silently until some dynamic film maker or a script writer digs in to the history and pulls out a gem like NEERJA!

It is not only a film it is a part of our history, history of mankind not that far away. It shows what humanity stands for. It teaches us what it is to be a human being. How the heart beats at the time of terror and what it takes to be brave at heart. Ammunition, Muscle power, Technology nor Money Power works like a brave heart performs in times of catastrophes, in deciding moments where it will be death or life. She was not afraid to lose her job if she fled from there that stopped her on the plane. But, her duty, responsibility and her calling as an air purser, pursed her to the deck of the plane. She did her duty like a soldier, took up her responsibility like a mother and answered her calling like an angel.

For her bravery, the Government of India posthumously awarded her the Ashoka Chakra Award (India’s highest gallantry award for bravery in the face of the enemy during peace time), and Neerja Bhanot became its youngest recipient. In 2004 the Indian Postal Service released a stamp commemorating her. Pakistan government also awarded her ‘Tamgha-e-Insaaniyat’ (Awarded for showing incredible human kindness). She was also conferred upon by ‘Justice for Crimes Award’ by United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia and Special Courage Award by Department of Justice of United States. In addition to these she also received Flight Safety Foundation Heroism Award, USA and Ministry of Civil Aviation Award, India.

Words and awards would not be enough to express the gratitude of the survivors and praises and accolades would not bring her back. That is the harsh reality of life. We believe that such inspirational facts when they are unveiled will give birth to many more Neerjas and will give more and more confidence to our youth to believe in themselves especially at the time of crisis and calamities, be it man made or natural. ‘Real Life Heroes’ is a rare species. We at Zenitex pay rich tributes to all our national heroes who have laid their lives for humanity and have made our Nation – Our India proud.

Like he is an ardent fan of the living legends namely Mr. Ratan Tata for his vision, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan for his dedication and Mr. Sachin Tendulkar for his passion, our CEO Mr. Viral Desai, is also an ardent fan of the Real Life Hero Neerja Bhanot for her love and courage which he says inspires him.

We would also like to appreciate the effort made by the production team of the film ‘Neerja’ the protagonist Sonam Kapoor who made us feel like we were watching the ordeal live and shivers went down our spines. The Producer Mr. Atul Kasbekar and The Director of the film Mr. Ram Madhvani too have done a wonderful job to recreate such a sensitive issue with a touch of class.

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Finally we would like to end this blog by bowing our heads in silence for those who lost their lives during that terrorised day. And to our Hero Neerja!

Thanks & Regards – Team ZENITEX

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viral desai says zenitex in harmony with universe

The universe is a marvellous creation. There is a certain order and harmony about it. It reminds us of an orchestra playing a harmonious melody. This orchestra of the universe has sentient and insentient objects as performers playing their unique instruments. God is the master conductor of this orchestra directing all performers to remain in tune and rhythm with the harmony of the universe.

Besides the elements of nature such as sun, moon, stars, air, fire, water, earth, trees, and sentient beings such as animals, birds and insects, humans are also one performers in the orchestra of the universe, special as the human being has been endowed with free will to play his instrument as he wishes.

Freedom can be a great blessing if employed with discretion but it can also prove to be a curse if abused. Therefore there is the need to instruct or guide the individual to remain in concord with the prevailing harmony.

Krishna says in the Bhagwad Gita that the universe is sustained by yajna. Any selfless action or action imbued with the spirit of reaching out is what is meant by the word yajna. Krishna says it is this spirit of offering or yajna which harmoniously moves the cosmic wheel. The sun offers itself to form clouds, clouds offer themselves to form rain, rains offer themselves to grow food. In this manner, all members of the universe offer themselves at the altar of the macrocosm and thereby help move the cosmic wheel.

The human being is also a cog in the wheel and therefore, he is expected to do his part. He is indebted to each and every member of the universe such as elements, trees, animals, sages, parents, teachers, ancestors, and scientists for what he is today. Krishna says that one who enjoys favours from the universe but does not return those favours, is a thief. By adopting selfish and violent attitude he may profit externally but by rubbing against the order of the universe he winds up with conflicts and turmoil within.

It is therefore becoming for us to return the favour with a sense of gratitude. Everybody is assigned a certain role in life. May that role be performed to the best of one’s ability, not only for a personal gain but for the well-being of the macrocosm. All duties and actions that one has to perform may be looked upon as an opportunity to serve the universe. Thus, when the spirit of offering, of contributing, permeates the life of the individual, he has struck the fine chord of harmony playing in the universe.

The result is that he is at peace with himself. The spirit of offering, the attitude of serving or reaching out is such a catalyst that it purifies his heart of selfishness, greed, aggression, violence, usurpation and other such self-centred tendencies and makes it pure and divine. Purged of these discordant tendencies, he is free from anxieties and conflicts. It is this free mind that experiences happiness. He is no more dependent on external paraphernalia to make him happy.

In a nutshell, selfishness is equal to unhappiness and selflessness and reaching out is equal to happiness and peace. Besides gaining composure, living in harmony with the universe is being one with God for, the vedas reveal that the spirit of offering itself is Vishnu, the immanent. By offering ourselves at the service of the universe let’s merge ourselves in God and fulfill the goal of our life.

The above article (source : Speaking Tree from Times of India 15/02/2015) represents the exact value for which Zenitex stands for, i.e. the philosophy of the Universe and not only do we believe in this, but, we have also implemented the same in our work place and working style. Zenitex has complete faith in the core thought process of this philosophy i.e. whatever you give to the Universe or Nature, it has a Unique way of giving it back to us. And because of these miracles and blessings Zenitex is what it is today. Zenitex has pledged to keep working relentlessly following this theory and be the pioneers in ushering in this new era for the generations to come.

Thanks & Regards – Team ZENITEX

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zenitex valentines day heading 130216

Diehard Romantics love it. Cynics despise it. Youngsters wait for it. In short, no one can avoid it – Valentine’s Day is firmly established as a cultural happening! Whatever your feelings are about it, make it your own by taking the opportunity to show appreciation for the one who loves you unconditionally : Mother Nature!

Valentine’s Day is an occasion celebrated on February 14 and while it has a very long history dating back hundreds of years, the scale of the occasion we have today is largely thanks (or no thanks) to marketers.

Valentines Day is big business and as such has the potential to have substantial impact on the environment. For example, if all the cards gifted on valentine’s day are laid end to end would stretch around the world 5 times! That’s a lot of trees.

Hence, buy your gifts this Valentines day with the planet in mind.

If Valentines Day is an important day for you or the one you love; then you can also show a bit of extra love for the environment by carefully considering what you buy. Here’s some ideas:

Cards made from recycled or tree-free paper (this will be indicated on the card)

Consider sending an e-card instead using one of the many quality services around. Nowadays with messenger services like whatsapp and its like and social media it is easier to send e-cards rather than paper cards.

zenitex viral desai valentines-day-candy-images Gift Eco-Friendly Chocolates. Not only are these chocolate better for the environment, it also ensures that cocoa farmers have good living and working conditions.  These are known as Fair trade and/or organic chocolate.

zenitex viral desai valentines-day-roses

Buy Organic Locally grown Flowers. If flowers are your style, go for a fresh bouquet of your favourites locally. It beats buying imported flowers that have often been doused in pesticides. Check out to find a sustainable florist near you.

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Plant a tree with your Valentine’s  name on it, this will remain forever for generations to come as a memory of your Valentine and every leaf of that tree will remind your valentine of how much you love him / her.

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If you wish to give jewellery, consider purchasing from jewellers who are certified to be sourcing precious metals and gemstones in an ecologically and socially responsible manner. Or considering something really offbeat like a wooden ring – they look amazing.

zenitex viral desai lr Holidays___Saint_Valentines_Day_Rozy_i_vino_057055_

Arrange dinner at a local restaurant specializing in organic or locally grown food accompanied by a nice organic drink. Set the mood with earth-friendly candles.

Book a retreat in a wildlife reserve, park or natural area. Your business will help support the running of such establishments.

zenitex viral desai valentines day natural-perfume

Give natural perfumes and fragrances. By buying natural fragrances, you’ll be showing you not only care for the environment, but the person’s health as other types of perfumes are chemical cocktails.

Rethink Generosity. This February 14, you can also share the love through simple acts of kindness, consideration, compassion, and sharing. Bring a smile to a those who are deprived of it due to poverty. And never forget Nature, All the beauty in this world is due to Mother Nature, grow more trees, this brings a smile on the face of Mother Nature….

Go Green This Valentine’s Day! FALL IN LOVE WITH NATURE!!!

Thanks & Regards – Team ZENITEX

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The New Office is an example of energy conservation and environmental protection initiatives followed by Zenitex under the leadership of Mr. Viral Desai, CEO – Zenitex. The whole concept of the office and its interior is the brain child of Mr. Viral Desai. The lights used in the office are all LED, moreover, a transparent pyramid shaped dome is made in the roof to allow light in to the office throughout the day thus avoiding the use of electricity till sunset. An old tree which is growing in the middle of the office is kept alive and it stays in its place while the office is completed around it. More than 80 new plants are planted on the outside wall of this new office. In short this office is a fusion of modern day interior and our age old traditional values.


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It was a grand and successful opening with all the esteemed customers and guests, more than 1500 people turned up for the event.

Zenitex looks forward to serving its customers in a more better way and bringing in many more positive changes in the future in the direction of Energy Conservation, Environmental Protection and Social Responsibility initiatives, which are the core value of business for Zenitex.

Thanks & Regards – Team ZENITEX

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quote by viral desai - ceo, zenitex : go green - grow trees - we work for trees clean India green India


zenitex viral desai observes world-cancer-day

World cancer day is observed to create awareness for normal people about the risk factors and preventive measures of Cancer to prevent it or get it detected early so as to cure it in time. It is celebrated to make people aware about the reality of the Cancer like its symptoms, causing factors and treatment. Positive stories should be shared to get boost morale of the victims and make them feel energetic and confident in order to defeat cancer or make their journey easier and happier.

‘WE CAN. I CAN.’ That is the tagline for the 2016 World Cancer Day. Marking the 10thanniversary of the global awareness campaign, the aim this year is to prove that every single person can make a difference in the fight against cancer. World Cancer Day is part of the World Cancer Campaign, adopted following the World Summit Against Cancer for the New Millennium. This summit took place on 4 February 2000, and subsequently the first ever World Cancer Day was pencilled in for 4 February 2006. That tradition has continued every year, and the custom does not stop in 2016.

During the events on World Cancer Day, people are educated to lead a healthy lifestyle, take a balanced diet and indulge in regular physical activities and weight management in order to reduce the risk of occurrence of Cancers. They are encouraged to get rid of alcohol, unhealthy diet and physical immobility.

We would like to narrate a very sad moment witnessed by Mr. Viral Desai, CEO – Zenitex and Founder of Hearts@work foundation, which we would like to share here on this World Cancer Day. The narration goes as follows :

One day Mr. Viral Desai, CEO – Zenitex and founder of Hearts@work Foundation, was sitting with Onco Surgeon Dr. Ravindrasinh Raj co-founder of Hearts@work Foundation and Director of Bharat Cancer Hospital in his office. At that time a family walked in with their case file. The man who was the head of the family was diagnosed with Cancer and today they were to get the final report at to what stage has the cancer spread. From their attire and look it was obvious that they were coming from the temple where obviously they had gone to pray for a clear report for the patient. Dr. Raviraj, checked the reports and informed them in clear words that the cancer has reached the last stage and there is no chance of recovery and the man will not live longer than 2 months. Mr. Viral noticed that, suddenly their world fell apart, the patient sunk in the chair, his wife was finding it difficult to hold her tears and with choking voice, she was soothing her husband and telling him “that everything will be fine”, his son and daughter were crying and in blink of an eye the whole place turned tragic. The family left the doctor’s office with a heavy heart. At that time, Mr. Viral who too was in a state of shock after watching what happened in front of his eyes, asked Dr. Raviraj, as why the man could not be saved. The surgeon replied that people come to him at a very later stage of cancer, where it cannot be cured. If people are aware of the dangers and symptoms of cancer, most of the cases could be cured if diagnosed in the preliminary stages.

At that time Mr. Viral Realized that the disease Cancer does not only bring pain to the victim but, it affects victim’s whole family. Cancer does not only Kill the victim, but it also shatters the world of his loved ones. And hence, to fight Cancer is not only for the Victim but also for his family. Keeping this in mind, all of us should act together and stand united like a part of the human family to prevent, support its cure and eliminate Cancer. Hearts@work Foundation has always been at the helm of such camps and awareness programs in the past and will be in the future.

Creating awareness of Cancer is the 1st step towards prevention and cure of the disease. CEO of Zenitex and founder of Hearts@work foundation, Mr. Viral Desai, has always been active in creating awareness about Cancer in Rural as well as Urban parts of Gujarat.

With the help of Dr. Ravindrasinh Raj, one of the leading Onco-Surgeon of India and Mentor and Co-Founder of Hearts@work Foundation, we fulfilled some of the activities through Hearts@work Foundation which can be seen on our website on the below given links.

Bikers Rally and Quit Tobacco Campaign in which more than 5,000 people participated. One of the biggest campaign of this type Bikers Rally – Quit Tobacco Campaign

Free Cancer Checkup Camp – 600 people were checked Free Cancer Checkup Camp

Pink Ribbon Day – Pink Surat – one of the biggest Pink Ribbon Day Celebration in the world – 100 buildings / monuments were illuminated, conference held, college students participated and general awareness drive implemented – Pink Surat Campaign

World No Tobacco Day – A world record 2,192 people screened in one single day World No Tobacco Day

and the biggest of them all is Dang Breast Cancer Screening  Dang Breast Cancer Camp

 “WE CAN” :

  • Call on governments to commit adequate resources to reduce Cancer deaths and provide a better quality of life for patients and survivors and increase funding for Cancer treatment facilities.
  • Educate people about the link between lifestyle behaviours – including smoking, unhealthy diet, and lack of physical activities – and Cancer risk.
  • Dispel myths that lead to stigma and discrimination against people with cancer in some communities.
  • Encourage schools and workplaces to implement nutrition and physical activity policies which can help people adopt healthy habits for life.
  • Improve access to affordable cancer health care for all victims.

 “I CAN” :

  • Make adjustments to lifestyle and make healthy choices by avoiding tobacco and alcohol, doing regular exercises, a healthy green food diet and staying safe in the sun.
  • Be aware of the signs and symptoms of Cancer and its early detection guidelines, which can help cure the disease.
  • Support Cancer victims and survivors with physical and emotional impacts of Cancer even after the treatment ends.
  • Sharestories about cancer experiences of various victims and join support groups to help make positive change for all people affected by Cancer.
  • Return back to work after Cancer treatment, to give it the biggest insult of all.

On this day we would also like to recall a few Brave Recoveries from Cancer, of the people who fought and won against Cancer. We would just take a few examples of Indian Celebrities who had Cancer and they stood against all the odds and survived. They are :

FILM ACTRESS MUMTAZ : She was suffering from breast cancer and was diagnosed with the same at the age of 54years. Still she did not surrender and fought and survived with her charm and beauty intact.

FILM DIRECTOR ANURAG BASU : He fought an acute promyelocytic Leukemia (a type of blood cancer) in the year 2004.  Doctors gave him two months to live when he was diagnosed, but the verdict did not shake him and he went ahead with life. Not only did he complete his film from his hospital bed, but also wrote scripts for new films. After chemotherapy and medication of three years Basu released many more films.

INDIAN AMERICAN ACTRESS NAMRATA SINGH GUJRAL : In 2008, the 32 year old young woman heard the dreaded words that she had breast cancer. Luckily the cancer was detected in the early stages which gave her an advantage in the fight with the dreaded disease. Namrata is the president of the UniGlobe Entertainment which is renowned for its docu-drama ‘1 a Minute’.  She has taken the initiative to make use of her production company’s platform to spread awareness and join hands to fight against breast cancer.

THE BEAUTIFUL MODEL AND ACTRESS LISA RAY : This stunningly beautiful actress was diagnosed with multiple Myeloma in 2009. Lisa fought her battle with cancer. After winning her battle, Lisa came out with her story and shared her experience with people. In 2010, Lisa bravely announced to the world that she was free of cancer after the successful treatment involving stem cell transplant. Apart from creating awareness, advocating cause of cancer cure, working on her career, Lisa Ray married a management consultant Jason Dehni in Napa Valley in California proving to the world that cancer could not intimidate her nor stop her.

BEAUTIFUL ACTRESS OF YESTER YEARS MANISHA KOIRALA : This beautiful actress with captivating smile who won hearts with her powerful performance in bollywood movies was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 42 years. She fought bravely against the disease. She boldly posted her pictures during chemotherapy, not shying from the hair loss she suffered as a side effect. She moved ahead with positive attitude and went for shooting of films even when the chemotherapy was going on. She has promised to use her celebrity status and her own struggle with cancer to inspire and spread hope among the people fighting the battle against cancer.

CRICKET SUPER STAR YUVRAJ SINGH : He treated cancer in no different way than he treats the balls thrown at him by the bowlers. He was suffering from a rare type of killer cancer. Amidst prayers from family, friends and fans, Yuvaraj, successfully battled serinoma, which had caused tumor growth between his heart and lung. After receiving Arjuna Award, Yuvaraj made a comeback to cricket. He is responsible for many people seeing hope beyond the diagnosis of cancer.

All of them above are examples of bravery, trust, self-belief, confidence and faith.

Let us all make a pledge, that we in our own capacities will spread the awareness of Cancer to each and every individual so that many lives can be saved and along with the Victims the trauma which is caused on his family and dependants can also be reduced or eliminated.

Cancer does not only traumatise the Victim – But, it tears apart the world for their families too!!!

Come lets unite to defeat this killer disease and bring smiles on the faces of those affected by it. Mr. Viral Desai, CEO-Zenitex and Founder of Hearts@work Foundation along with its staff is always ready for any such camps through which we can spread the much needed awareness to stop this disease becoming fatal.

Thanks & Regards – Team ZENITEX

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quote by viral desai - ceo, zenitex : go green - grow trees - we work for trees clean India green India