When we go out on a picnic on the green fields, we feel a different energy within us. We feel we are growing in wisdom. We feel we are growing in confidence. We feel we are growing in faith. We feel we are growing in belief. All this because when we are at that time surrounded by things which themselves grow, like the trees, the grass, the plants and so on. If all the time you lock yourself up in an office or a workplace where you are surrounded by machines, may be computers or production machinery, without giving yourself a GREEN break – you seize to grow. Your confidence, your wisdom, your faith, your belief everything will begin to go in the negative. You become mechanical. Whereas, to be with trees, grass, plants or any type of GREENERY makes you feel beautiful. They let you live. They give you motivation, a thrust of vigour, they inspire you immensely and suddenly you feel the whole energy is flowing within you. The smell of the wet earth during rains or even otherwise, plugs you off from your hectic life, you suddenly travel into a different world. The joy of birds, the sounds of the hustling trees, the fragrance of flowers, the stars, the moon, the sun, they all make a perfect setting for inner and spiritual growth. Being close to nature is being close to the creator.

We at Zenitex have a vision of GREEN. We desire to see the fascinating colourful butterflies fluttering outside our office windows, the chirping and humming of beautiful birds in our factory campus, their melodious singing making the rumblings of the machines sound like music. The fluffy tailed, naughty and adorable squirrels, running up and down the trees full of enthusiasm and stopping every little while to eat their find. Where, we can have a bare footed stroll on the soft GREEN grass during breaks.

The GREEN revolution has begun, play your part in it….

Thanks & Regards – Team ZENITEX

smiley by viral desai - ceo,

quote by Viral Desai - CEO, Zenitex : Greenery and Cleanliness

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