Gone are the days when Crude Oil was considered as Black Gold. The economics have changed. This Black Gold is the prime reason for deteriorating health of millions. Due to its consumption we face Pollution of difference types.

Who can stop this pollution or at least reduce it?

The answer is simple, WE CAN DO IT! What we need, is to realize and find an alternate source of energy. And then, we can reduce the use of current feed and start using “GREEN FUEL” and “GREEN ENERGY”. Though the progress will be slow, the impact of it will not be visible, but surely it will make a difference.

The environment will improve; the air we breathe will be fresh and thus, will eradicate the major health issues by default.

Zenitex initiated the GREEN drive and have been extremely successful in achieving its goals of energy conservation. This drive was greatly appreciated and acknowledged by State and National Governments of India, due to which Zenitex was showered with many awards in energy conservation.

The UNIQUE measures we have taken to promote ENERGY CONSERVATION by technical upgradations are :

  1. Quality bag filter installed at the boiler according to the guidelines of GPCB, which controls and monitors the pollution standards in the state of Gujarat.
  2. The water scrubber operates by using the waste water, which is one more feat of energy conservation.
  3. Investment in renewable sources of energy (i.e. wind mills) for power generation. Hence, reducing the pollution and promoting a healthy eco system.
  4. Exhaust fan Highest in the factory constantly charged by wind power.
  5. Provision of a Conveyor Belt for the firing of the boiler.

We at Zenitex believe that “ALL THE SPECIES HAVE THE RIGHT TO UNPOLLUTED AIR, WATER AND SOILS, IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN THE HEALTH OF THE ECOSYSTEM”. The long term goal of Zenitex is environmental protection, which can be completely achieved in part through pollution prevention.

Hence, now is the time to act, to rise, time to wake up from our slumbers, gulp down some fresh air down our lungs and join the march towards the Future and make it “GREEN” and we are confident that we will change the concept of something “Precious” to being “GREEN”.

“GREENERY” is more precious than the Yellow Gold adorning our bodies, the reason being that if we exist and more importantly if we exist with good health, then only, the Yellow Gold will harmonize to adorn your personality, or else it doesn’t suit the carcases.

We at ZENITEX stand for “GREEN”, and for us “GOLD is GREEN”.

Thanks & Regards – Team ZENITEX

smiley by viral desai - ceo, zenitexwww.zenitex.in

quote by Viral Desai - CEO, Zenitex : Greenery and Cleanliness

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